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Hanson European Caravan Transport Project

In December of 2015 we started the Hanson project, we started off by recreating Aron Dulson's Joker themed Renault T low-cab and spend several months working on that.

However, over recent months Aron is now driving the Riddler themed & flagship of Hanson also known as 'The Big T' which is the truck we are recreating for the Hanson project. The images below will show you a comparison of both the real truck and our virtual edition.

Our Hanson project can be purchased from our shop by clicking the following link.

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Future Updates for this project:

We are working on adding a special feature to this project hopefully in the not too distant future, as Hanson often use escort vans when transporting larger mobile homes/caravans we thought it would be ideal to replicate that with this project. 

We have already got a van model for this (2017 Renault Trafic - As seen in the image below)

We shall be adding the escort livery onto the model very soon and then shall be adding the extra details such as LED lights & aerials. 

We would like to thank both Hanson European Caravan Transport Ltd & Aron Dulson for allowing us to recreate your flagship for Euro Truck Simulator 2!